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Profile Development Philosophy Innovation Construction System Production Material silver Precision Control Craftsmanship Handmade The Central Theme Craftsmen Safety Sealing Locking Reliability and Quality History Today 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 Focus News Archive SEACAM goes Facebook NEW - SEACAM compact SONY A7II Unbeatable duo – SEACAM prelude CANON EOS7DMKII / NIKON D750 Our new masterpiece - SEACAM silver NIKON D810 SEACAM Underwater Photo Academy Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2012 SEACAM silver housings for NIKON D4 and D800/D800E are out now SEAFLASH 150OFFSHORE for depth down to -200m The SEACAM CONFIGURATOR makes it easy SEACAM prelude for CANON EOS60D / NIKON D7000 S10 SPORTSFINDER – as legendary as the NIKONOS RS SEACAM silver CANON EOS SEACAM silver NIKON D3s FMP Port SEACAM silver NIKON D300s SEAFLASH 150DIGITAL Remote System Exhibitions Dates News Archive References America David Doubilet Yeang H. Ch'ng Tim Calver Brandon Cole Stephen Frink Bill Harrigan Martin Mainardi Mike Mesgleski Amos Nachoum Paul Nicklen Dennis Oclair Mark Strickland Steve Thornton Michele Westmorland Asia Claudia Pellarini-Joubert Leon Joubert Mikael Jigmo Mathieu Meur Uno Takako Aaron Wong Stephen Wong Australia Michael Aw Tony Brown Kevin Deacon Jürgen Freund Mark Gerlach Brent Hedges Darren Jew Erik Schlögl Allen Saben Mark Spencer Europe Christoph Giese David Salvatori Emma Critchley Frédéric Depalle Gilles Diraimondo Istvan Juhász Ludovic Savariello Pedro Carrillo Robert Hauswirth Stefano Proakis Stephane Regnier Susanne Stemmer Thomas Heckmann Vitor Silva Werner Fiedler Jan Abadschieff Kurt Amsler Laurent Ballesta Jürg Beeli Franco Banfi Sergey Buslenko Luca Carraro Giordano Cipriani Andre Crone Jonas Dahm Herbert Frei Borut Furlan Christoph Gerigk Zena Holloway Steve Jones Paul Kay Eckhard Krumpholz Michel Lonfat Thomas Lüken Zac Macaulay Michael Moxter Geert Nies Antonello Paone Laurent Piechegut Gianni Pecchiar Adriano Penco Giuseppe Pignataro Wolfgang Pölzer Norbert Probst Roberto Rinaldi Darek Sepiolo Phil Simha Hans Streit Werner Thiele Armin Trutnau Davide Vezzaro Robert Wilpernig Solvin Zankl Mirko Zanni Under Water Awards Tauchen Award Green Panther More Seacam School Test center Workshops Master photographers Kurt Amsler Michael Aw Kevin Deacon Herbert Frei Stephen Frink Eckhard Krumpholz Press Coverage News Archive Image Archive Housing Light Accessories Company Products Technology Innovation Ergonomics Functionality Safety Housings Nikon D4/D4s Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D3s Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D3/D3x Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D810/D810A Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D800/D800E Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D300s Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D700 Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D750 Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D7200/D7100 Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports D7000 Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports Canon EOS1D X/C Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports EOS1D MKIV Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports EOS1Ds MKIII Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports EOS5D S/R Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports EOS5D MKIII Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports EOS7D MKII Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports EOS60D Features Functions Data Viewfinders Ports Sony A7 II R/S Features Functions Data Ports Viewfinders Optics PRO G S10 S 45 S180 Front Ports Flat Ports Standardport P Makroport MP Extension PVL Interface Dome Ports Wideport WP Fisheyeport FP Superdome SD Optics Port selection Special Ports Fisheye Macro Port Examples Wet Diopter Technology Scale Examples Accessories Flash Unit Seaflash 100D Features Data Accessories Examples Macro Close up Standard Wide angle Seaflash 150D Features Data Accessories Examples Macro Close up Standard Wide angle Technology Electronics Seaflash 150O Features Data Accessories Examples Macro Close up Standard Wide angle Safety System Continuous Light Technology Color rendering Features Data Remote System Technology System Data Application Accessories Flasharms Cables S6 System Useful accessories Standard Kit Housings Flash unit Remote System Accessories Questions Good to know Which lenses are ideal for underwater photography? Fixed focal distance or zoom lens or both? Ports made from optical mineral glass – the best? Dome ports – what for? Are diopters a must with dome ports? Housings Why exchangeable viewfinders? Safety Lock and advantage? The SEACAM bayonet – why? How do I transport my housing securely? A jump into the water or what is more secure? What to do with the housing after the dive? How do I take care of my dome ports and viewfinders? When do O-rings need maintenance? Can I use any kind of O-ring lubricant? Should the housing latches remain closed during storage? When does my SEACAM silver need maintenance? Why are some of the buttons on my housing not working? My aperture adjustment shows slippage. Why? Water inside the housing – what to do now? Electronics Can I use any flash device on my housing? What is E / I-TTL? How do I check digital TTL? I would like to use two flash devices together – is this possible at all? Why do I need a S6 plug system for my housing? My flash cable and sockets are wet – what am I doing wrong? How do I properly maintain flash sockets and cables? Do flash cable adapters make sense? Accessories What do I need lens gears for? My zoom gear is not working – what am I doing wrong? My zoom lens function is blocked – why? Can I adjust the focus manually? My flash arm fails to keep my flash in position – what can I do? How do I take care of my flash arm? Configurator Service Product Service Maintenance Features Service Center Warranty Service Partner Europe Seacam Service Marine Expedition Services bvba. America Pacific Housing Repair Underwater Camera Repair Asia Imago Co. Ltd. Scubacam Pte. Ltd. Australia Dive 2000 Pty. Ltd. Rental service Germany Indonesia Switzerland U.S.A. Shipping Domestic International Downloads Manuals Flash Datasheets Contact Head Office Contact Form Partners Europe SEACAM Belgium – Netherlands SEACAM Croatia - Slovenia SEACAM Czech Republic SEACAM Denmark - Finland - Sweden SEACAM England – Scotland – Ireland SEACAM France SEACAM Hungary SEACAM Italy SEACAM Poland SEACAM Norway SEACAM Russian Federation SEACAM Spain - Portugal SEACAM Turkey SEACAM Ukraine Africa SEACAM South Africa America SEACAM Canada SEACAM USA - Mexico - Caribbean SEACAM USA - Washington Asia SEACAM China, Hongkong, Taiwan SEACAM Indonesia SEACAM Korea SEACAM Malaysia SEACAM Philippines SEACAM Singapore Australia SEACAM Australia - New Zealand - Pacific SEACAM Great Barrier Reef How to find us Terms Terms 01. Scope of application 02. Conclusion of contract 03. Prices 04. Terms of payment 05. Cancellation of contract 06. Delivery period 07. Transfer of perils and insurance 08. Reservation of proprietary rights 09. Notice of defects 10. Warranty 11. Return of goods 12. Repairs 13. General limitation of liability 14. Place of fulfillment, court of jurisdiction, appl. law SEACAM´s special conditions 01. Order 02. Cost estimate 03. Storage 04. Shipment cots Imprint


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